The $350 Base Package:

Designed for a “typical” San Francisco home of 7 rooms +/- with a small yard


The Process:

  • Consultation

  • A half-day photo "shoot"

  • Book design and layout

  • Electronic proof of your book for review before it is sent to the printer

The Book:

  • 11 x 8.5” hard cover book (landscape) with dust jacket

  • Glossy, highly reflective paper

  • Up to 30 lay-flat pages

Additional copies of a 30 page book cost $163

Larger Projects

Larger projects involving more rooms, larger grounds, more time shooting, special challenges and more pages will cost more. Each additional half day of shooting costs $50, and each additional page costs $4.00.

For example, a large Victorian mansion that requires 5 half days of shooting and results in a 100 page book would cost $830.

Additional copies of a 100 page book would cost $402.


Geographic Limits:  My work is limited to the San Francisco Bay Area and Ashland Oregon or anywhere I have family.

Other print options are available.  Prices will vary.  All prices are subject to change.